The story behind Retshjælperen

Retshjælperen is an independent and voluntary association that was founded on October 8, 2020. The association is run by individuals who study the world of law on a daily basis. The idea for the association arose after repeated experiences with hours-long physical buyers and lack of innovation as well as revolution in free legal aid in Denmark. As the corona crisis spread, there were several voluntary legal aid, which had either closed due to the corona or became more passive. This contributed to the individual company or citizen having to wait a different length of time in line than before.


It was the start of our journey that small businesses, but also individual citizens should be our focus area. Time booking should take place virtually and in this way we eliminated any queues and frustrated clients with a busy daily life. There are no geographical boundaries and the only thing required is a device that has internet access. We can also provide assistance by telephone if you do not have access to the Internet. It should not prevent certain citizens from receiving our legal assistance.


Our vision is to provide justice and the right to which the individual company or citizen is entitled. Our mission is to promote equality among individual citizens regardless of age, disability, gender, race and ethnicity or social strata. It must help to promote the growth of the smaller companies, but also contribute to challenges within the law's understanding of the individual.


Retshjælperen has the following three core services: 

  • Our goal is to mobilize our volunteers, who will help increase flexibility for our clients. It should help us to organize our time based on your time and not the other way around.
  • A core narrative must be created across the volunteers in order to both strengthen our competencies, but also be able to provide the best solution for the individual.
  • We must develop in step with society's demand in order to be able to provide the updated advice within legal assistance.



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