About Retshjælperen

Retshjælperen is a newly established association that provides virtual legal advice. The team consists of voluntary law and business law students who have an interest in providing free legal aid to both citizens and businesses.

Our legal advice is characterized by a virtual and flexible form of organization, which means that the advice will take place either via Google Meet, by telephone or in writing via email.

The procedure is such that you contact us through our contact form. Subsequently, one of our advisers will contact you either by email or a phone call. In the case of a simple question or a simple matter, a written answer will be more sufficient. It is up to the individual counselor to assess this. If the advisor offers to set up a meeting, this will be done either over phone calls or via Google Meet.

It is assumed that you have read our disclaimer, which you indicate by ticking the "disclaimer" checkbox. 

Please note that we are just law and business law students. We are not trained lawyers or attorneys. Our advice is free and without obligation, which is why we can refuse to help you at any time.


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