Retshjælperen is a newly established association that provides virtual legal advice. The team consists of volunteer law and business law students who are interested in providing free legal aid to citizens and businesses.

Our legal advice is characterized by a virtual and flexible form of organization, which means that the advice will take place either via Google Meet, by phone or in writing via email. We know that legal provisions can be difficult to interpret if you do not study law yourself, and therefore we would like to help you - completely free!

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The Story Behind

Last year, Retshjælperen was just an idea for a user-friendly website that could make it easier for citizens and businesses to resolve legal disputes. The purpose is to convey legal texts in an easy-to-understand way to you - no matter where you are in the country.

Our intention was to develop an interface and layout that would reflect the quality of the advice we offer.



Tort law is an independent legal discipline that is dealt with within bond law. It follows from Danish tort law that the person who has committed an injury must be liable for the financial loss that the injury has caused. If you have tort law questions, you can contact us through our contact form at the bottom of the page.


Contract law is an independent legal discipline that deals with the rules for concluding an agreement between two parties. An agreement can be in writing or orally. Oral agreements are as binding as written agreements, however, more difficult to document. You can contact us if you have contract law issues.

Consumer Purchases

What are your rights as a consumer when buying goods? The buyer's is closely related to the bond law. The law only applies to the purchase of movables.

Sections 72-87 of the Danish Sales Act protect the consumer when purchasing goods. You can contact our advisers if you are a consumer and have questions of purchase law.


Marketing law ensures that companies act loyal in the competition among other companies. It is important that companies comply with the Marketing Act. It follows from the law that marketing must be neither aggressive nor misleading. You can contact us if you have marketing law questions. 


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Our legal advisors have competencies in property law and marketing law matters.

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